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What is Level 5 Finish?

This highest quality finish is the most effective method to provide a perfectly flat uniform surface and minimise the possibility of joint photographing or banding, or fasteners showing through the final decoration.

How is this acheived?

SHEETROCK® ProSpray or Compound S is a ready-mixed, high performance vinyl-polymer based skim coating with airless spray application designed especially for gypsum drywall, blockwork and smooth interior concrete. It is supplied tinted to ensure optimum finishing with SHEETROCK® TUFF-HIDETM Primer-Surfacer or SHEETROCK RediWall.

SHEETROCK® TUFF-HIDE™ Primer-Surfacer is a dual purpose vinyl acrylic latex-based coating designed especially for interior application over new drywall. It achieves a Level 5 finish in a single spray application, in a fraction of the time taken by traditional plaster skim coating and applying paint primer, and produces a durable decorated surface.

SHEETROCK® RediWall Finisher provides a fully decorated surface in a simple single spray application. SHEETROCK Rediwall is available in a durable Matt White and Magnolia Finish as standard, and is also available in a range of colours and silk finishes to order.

Silver technology can be added to the SHEETROCK RediWall to protect the surface and help prevent the spread of MRSA, E-coli, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Salmonella and much more.

SHEETROCK RediWall is ideally suited for large fast track projects, and provides a cost effective durable surface with up to 50% time saving against traditional packages.

Level 5 for Plasterboard Walls and Ceilings

Level 5 plasterboard drywall contractor northern ireland | gary mullan contracts ltd

Level 5 for Concrete Walls and Soffits

Level 5 concrete drywall contractor northern ireland | gary mullan contracts ltd

Level 5 for Blockwork Surfaces

Level 5 blockwork drywall contractor northern ireland | gary mullan contracts ltd

Application over a variety of substrates

Ideal for application on new gypsum drywall but SHEETROCK® Level 5 Spray Surface Finish can also be applied over other substrate surfaces including insitu concrete, concrete block, brickwork and existing plaster finishes.

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level 5 drywall finish | dry lining company northern ireland uk

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